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Namrib Champagnebubbles


(Tested HCM SMA Negative)

‘Bubbles’ is our first breeding queen. She was bred by Mrs Heather Horton of Namrib Maine Coons and Birmans. She has an exceptionally kind and laid back temperament and is a pleasure to handle and show - a real credit to her breeder.


Breeding Policy
We aim to produce one litter of kittens a year from females. Given that it takes just over two months for the gestation period, followed by three months of feeding, caring for kittens and weaning them, it is only fair that the queen is given time to recover afterwards, to regain her strength and condition, and to provide her with time to herself where she can play and enjoy life as an individual member of our family.




From this

(8 weeks).... this

(8 months).

Picture of kitten courtesy of Mrs Heather Horton

Introducing Sylverwood Bubblicious (BooBoo) for 2018 - a Tortie Classic Tabby. We have now retired her mum, Bubbles, and will be using BooBoo as our new breeding queen.