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Washing and Grooming Your Maine Coon

Most cats are meticulous about keeping themselves clean and it is unlikely they will need to be given a bath unless you intend to show your Maine Coon. As with any animal, start the grooming process when it is very young so that it becomes accustomed to it as a regular routine. Maine Coons benefit from daily or twice weekly grooming, particularly when shedding their coats as this helps prevent fur balls. Watch out for knots under the arms and on the tummy. Claws should be very carefully clipped if they get too long. If you have never done this before, get your vet to show you how. Teeth should be examined regularly  for signs of gum inflammation. Ears should be examined for excess wax or ear mites.




Spit and Polish

Finally.... please be aware

that any cat or kitten is going to

need lots to play with ......